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We were ready to bring down the roof last night 😁😜, I’m glade to be making memory’s with you you’re senior year ! Memory’s that will last a life time 😊 , ima be planing a lot more for us cause your a keeper and I want to have you in my life till the day I take my last breath ❤️💍👰🎩💒💏🏡 (at home sweet home)

It’s been a year baby , It feels like more time has passed by . Baby it’s time for me to get my act together and start making decisions to help further our future , I know I’ve lost a lot of your trust but if you’ll let me I wanna spend the rest of my life earning it back n make you happy n show you that I only want you n only you ! May this year be our best year :) I love you & I can’t wait to give u what I’ve been promising n I’ve been waiting for it time to make those promises true te amo mi vida !!!😘❤️😍💏 @guadalupegaribay (at tijuana)

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